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Craps Table Layout - What you need to know!

Welcome to our page on the craps table layout. This is one of the pages you'll want to pay special attention to when you're learning about craps. The craps table layout is pretty standard throughout the casino world, so the one we've got to show you on this page will give you an idea of what's what.

On any craps table layout, you'll see that there are many different areas to place a bet. Below, you'll see a picture of a typical craps table layout, and it's easy to see that some of the betting areas look like very attractive places to put your chips. Don't place your bets too fast though. Read our craps betting page once you're through here, to see what are good bets and what aren't. But for now, just take a good look at the craps table layout, and get familiar with where things are.

Craps Table Layout

As you can see above, the bets in red lettering definitely stand out. That doesn't necessarily mean that they're the best bets to make. One of the first things you should notice is the “Pass Line”. That's where all the first bets of a session are placed, unless they're placed on the “Don't Pass Bar”. The Don't Pass Bar is not as large or boldly lettered as the Pass Line, because when you put a bet there, you're betting “against the dice”. Some folks at a craps table will frown upon these bets (sometimes referred to as “wrong” bets), especially the shooter who's hoping that things go his way! In the craps table layout above, your eye probably also fell on the “Come” bet area. This is where you can place a bet after the come out roll. Also, you probably were drawn to the big red 6 and 8 in the lower left corner of the craps table layout. Called “Big 6 and 8”, they're not the best bet to make, especially for a rookie. They're big and red and attention-getting just to get your money.

You'll also notice the “Don't Come Bar”. This is the opposite bet to the Come bet, and is another that's against the dice. Right above the Come bet is where the Point is marked. Notice that in the photo above, the number 6 and 9 are written out as words. This is just to remove any confusion as to what number it is. Imagine standing on the opposite side of the table and wondering: “Is the point 6 or 9?”. Well, that won't happen with the way the craps table layout is done.

The rest of the betting areas on the craps table layout, we'll leave for our craps betting page. But suffice it to say, there's not much more to learn. The betting area to the right is for Proposition bets. These bets generally have a very high house edge, so they're not considered to be very smart bets. They're “Next Roll” bets (as are the “Field” bets), and as such, definitely add a lot of excitement to the game of craps. Don't forget to visit our craps betting page for all the info about what the different bets are, and whether they're good ones to make.

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