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Online craps is a great variation on the traditional casino game. It's just about as exciting and fast-paced, and has been a staple of the online gambling world since the very beginning. Online craps is different from playing at a casino for a few reasons. One of the most apparent is the fact that you won't be sharing a table with loads of cheering, excited casino patrons. This can seem like a real negative aspect of online craps at first, but once you get to know the online version, you'll really grow to love it.

Any game that was invented for the casinos and has made its way to the Internet has had to go through some changes in order to remain popular and exciting. Some games haven't had to change very much, like blackjack. Some games have to change a lot, like craps. Online craps doesn't have different betting rules or strategies, but it is very different from the perspective that there aren't a bunch of cheering, excited players and spectators around the table when you're playing. Online craps has had to become a much more solitary game, since you're playing from a computer terminal, not in a casino. Players that were brought up on casino craps tend to stay away from online craps for just this reason. They're most likely drawn to the game in the first place because of the camaraderie and the crowds of onlookers cheering every throw of the dice.

Online craps draws players for different reasons than casino craps, and one of those reasons is the fact that you can often play online craps for free. That's right, for FREE! We'll discuss free craps on another page of this site, but for now, you just need to know that it is available out there, and it's a big draw on the Internet. The reason being that die-hard craps players and beginners alike can practice their betting strategies and really get a sense of how to be successful at craps without having to travel to Vegas, OR spend lots of money to get in their practice. As you can understand, free craps can be quite attractive, but it's not the only thing about online craps that makes it so popular on the 'net.

Just as the fact that you can't see the other players in an online craps game can deter people from playing on the 'net, it can also attract those who want to learn how to play from the comfort of their own home, without all the distractions that come with the casino. Beginning craps players in particular tend to find online craps very attractive for this reason. Without the noise and hubbub of a casino, you can learn the rules at your own pace, and really take your time to get to know what the best bets and strategies are. When you play craps at your own home, in a comfortable chair, with your favorite music in the background, you'll find that the learning really takes off because you can really focus on the task at hand, and not the pretty waitresses carrying drinks around the casino.

There's no better way to learn the game of craps than online, and free if you can find a good one. That's what you need to search out on the Internet, and to help you along, we've got a page on this site where you'll find links to other great craps sites out there some with free games available to play. In fact, you can even play our free craps game if you like. Hope you have fun playing craps out there! Now get to it!

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